Wireless Monitoring Network Upgrade for Instrument Air Compressors

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Wireless Monitoring Network Upgrade for Instrument Air Compressors

Triple i completed the preliminary investigation, recommendations, design, procurement, installation, configuration and commissioning of an ISA100 Field Wireless Device Network on three large Air Compressors, two Instrument Air Dryers and A & B Instrument Air Flow Transmitters. This involved upgrading traditional pressure and temperature gauges plus switches which were used to monitor process variables on a daily basis. As the operator ‘completed the rounds’ each day, they would log down the measurement data on a paper log sheet. This form of measurement provided little history & lacked the ability to easily view equipment integrity relating to operation over time. Additionally, it took the operators away from other tasks which were more important to the overall plant operation.

Seven (7) multivariable transmitters and two (2) single EJX DP transmitters with ISA100 Field Wireless Devices were chosen due to the reliability they provide, ease of configuration and ability to install in locations where additional racking, cable support systems and long cable runs would otherwise be required. Several of the devices are battery powered and provide a 5 to 7 year lifetime at polling rates of 60 seconds.

The success of this project has led to further work integrating thirty six (36) Bentley Nevada conditioning monitoring devices (bearing vibration and temperature) into the ISA100 Field Wireless Device Network to monitor the long term condition of a number of fans onsite.


  • Develop electrical design and software functionality to meet customer requirements
  • Design control and instrumentation systems to meet site conditions
  • Develop Wireless Communication Network & Configure ISA100 Gateway, Access Point and Field Wireless Devices
  • Supply & Install ISA100 Gateway, Access Point and Field Wireless Devices
  • Rewire and retrofit existing panels with equipment required
  • Remove all existing pressure & temperature gauges
  • Remove existing pressure & temperature switches
  • Supply & Install new pressure transmitters, & thermocouples and converters
  • Supply & install converters to maintain the alarm & control interface with the existing Air Compressor PLC
  • Cutover each compressor in a 16 hour window – for remote operations at the plant control room
  • Integrate with existing HMI system on site
  • Perform SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) of system with customer, including testing of key trip signals

Control Systems

  • Yokogawa CentumVP DCS communicating via Modbus to ISA100 Field Wireless Management Station
  • Wireless Network – Yokogawa Field Wireless Management Station (YFGW410) and Yokogawa Field Wireless Access Point (YFGW510)
  • Measurement Hardware – 7 x Yokogawa YTMX580 Multi-Input Temperature Transmitters and 2 x EJX110B Wireless Differential Pressure Transmitters


  • New monitoring & controls to enable the remote monitoring of key process variables on each compressor, air dryer & air main
  • Installation complete on time and on budget – without issue
  • Changeover of system & support provided during initial few weeks of operation

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