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Triple i carried out the final functional design, SCADA/PLC programming and commissioning of Cronulla STP tertiary upgrade in 2003.

The input to us was the wiring design, hardware supply and basic functional concepts.

We updated the functional concepts into detailed specifications for the final operation. These requirements consisted of a range of functions to do with the new tertiary facilities as well as a large integration need to existing PLC and control functions. On top of this was the need to keep the plant operating as is, with multiple partial changes of the plant processes needed.

Failure to provide functionality could severely effect the process of trigger an environmental hazard with incorrectly treated water passing to the ocean outfall. We successfully complete the project and received very positive feedback from the end customer.

We continued to support the site with minor changes until Sydney Water's policy was to have only 2 vendors support all their sites.


  • Update functional descriptions for operational information. 
  • Generate detailed functional design documents. 
  • Code the required changes.
  • Implement and commission the systems. 

Control System

  • Siemens TI 505 PLC's
  • Wonderware


  • New controls proving recipe and adjustable sample sequences.
  • Relocation of facilities with no shutdown. 
  • Changeover of system within normal operating windows e.g. 4 hrs. 


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