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A Blast Furnace shutdown comprises of basically a rebuild of the furnace itself. It is a major outage with over 1,100 site workers working on multiple sites for multiple contractors.

Key to success was active involvement in the safety and environmental issues of the work done on site. Maintaining a plan and schedule while offering flexibility in working as access availability changed were high on our priorities. We allocated staff dedicated to managing these aspects, at the same time using site supervisors to ensure progress was reported accurately. Adjustments to crews and approach were tuned to meet the demands of the jobs.

We trialed some new systems which we have now adopted for similar work. One to log variations in delays from the start that we normally would cover. These were listed as conditional variations and this meant we could focus with the customer on minimising the events which caused them. The result was we reduced delay issues and did not invoice these listed variations.

We received excellent feedback and were especially proud of the commercial reputation that was noted by people we had not dealt with before. We started with a negative variation and completed the project, with changes and larger forced delays, under our order price.

The teamwork with customer, other contractors and withing Triple i was key to the successful outcome achieved.


  • Installation of furnace temperature monitoring
  • Installation of oxygen injection instrumentation.
  • Casing floor electrical installation   
  • pH controls for water treatment dosing
  • Supply and installation of the nitrogen purge valve rack. 
  • Supply and install test rig for alloy addition positioning conveyor

Control Equipment

  • ABB
  • Schneider M340. 


  • Provide safety, environment and quality managment of the scopes. 
  • Co-ordinate work with mechanical installation scopes. 
  • Complete electrical installation. 


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