STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) Tertiary Upgrade

  • Water & Wastewater

STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) – PLC and SCADA Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning

Triple i carried out the functional design, SCADA/PLC programming and commissioning of the Tertiary process for a Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade, part of the Sydney Water network..

Starting with the wiring design, installed hardware and basic functional concepts, Triple i prepared detailed specifications for the final operation. This included the functionality of the new tertiary facilities as well as the integration to the existing PLC and SCADA system. All this had to be done whilst the plant was fully operational which meant planning for multiple partial changes of the plant processes as required.


  • Update functional descriptions for operational information.
  • Generate detailed functional design documents.
  • Code the required changes
  • PLC programming and SCADA configuration
  • Implement and commission the systems

Control Systems

  • Siemens TI 505 PLC’s
  • Wonderware SCADA


  • New controls proving recipe and adjustable sample sequences.
  • Relocation of facilities with no shutdown.
  • Changeover of system within normal operating windows e.g. 4 hr shutdowns and cutovers.
  • Project completed on time and to specification.
  • Provision of remote support for the site when required.

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