Blast Furnace Reline

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Blast Furnace Reline – Monitoring Systems and Electrical Installation

A Blast Furnace shutdown is basically a rebuild of the furnace itself and is a complex project in itself lasting over 6 months, involving thousands of workers on site from multiple engineering disciplines involving many different engineering and contracting companies.

Triple I was engaged to provide the installation of several key monitoring, electrical and instrument systems for the project and management of the contracts within the complex working environment was a key factor of the success of the jobs. Triple I had active involvement in the safety and environmental issues of the work done on site whilst maintaining a plan and project schedule that provided flexibility in the work to the changing availability of the work site. Triple i project managed these aspects whilst at the same time using site supervisors to ensure progress was reported accurately and adjustments to work crews and approach were tuned to meet the demands of the job. This enabled us to manage variations on both sides as well as their causes so that in the end we reduced delay issues and neutralised final variations to the job.

In the end Triple I completed all work on time and under budget and received excellent feedback from the customer on the management of our work packages. Our teamwork with the customer and other contractors was key success factor for the outcome achieved.


  • Installation of furnace temperature monitoring
  • Installation of oxygen injection instrumentation
  • Casting floor electrical installation
  • pH controls for water treatment dosing
  • Supply and installation of the nitrogen purge valve rack
  • Supply and install test rig for alloy addition positioning conveyor

Control Systems

  • ABB
  • Schneider M340


  • Provide safety, environmental and quality management of the work packages
  • Co-ordination work with mechanical installation scopes
  • Complete electrical installation
  • On time and under budget

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