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Not Just One Process

A steelworks provides experience across a wide variety of processes, a range of control systems and multiple applications within each process. There are full upgrades scopes, and many extensions or partial replacements to the plants. 

A common element is often that the processes are continuous and the impact of not meeting a shutdown outcome is very large.  One part of the plant often effects other shutdowns and planning, working close to customers and other contractors and maintaining a schedule are essentials. 

Triple i has worked with Bluescope Steel for 30 years, across all sections of their operations, in multiple scopes of work. 

Their steel plant receives raw material, by ship, road and rail. Facilities include stacker/reclaimers, loading and unloading, conveyor systems. 

They wash and fire coal to make coke. In the process they produce many byproducts requiring processing such as distillation. Coke ovens gas is stored and recirculated to use in heating processes. 

They fire iron ore to make sinter and batch it with components such as those coming from their lime kiln and other processes to make iron in the blast furnace. Excess gas from the furnace is again reused.  

The blast furnace needs cold air delivered from the Energy Centre and Blower Station, which houses multiple turbine compressors, large boilers.

The steel making processes requires the batching and addition of alloys, degassing plants and finally slab rolling.

The steel is transported for additional processing., including plants to make coils and coated products. More gas and electric furnaces including inert atmospheres, 

There are just some of the processes, and each is supported by an array of monitoring systems, analysers and treatment plants. 



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