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While this section is new to Triple I, the mechanical service team itself boasts not just many years experience in our industries, but many years working together as a team. A local company entered administration and was unable to keep staff employed, and a a select number of the team joined Triple I.

They decision to engage these people was done with the previous experience of working with them both employing them as subcontractors and being employed by them on their projects.

For Triple i it brought in these services within our own team, empowering us with improved productivity and priority assignment.

The work performed includes

  • Steel erection and assembly
  • Pipework installation and modification
  • General welding and repair

Larger fabrications are subcontracted.

Our approach has been maintained relative to a high level of supervision enabling us to manage larger projects using additional labour resources.

Mechanical Construction And Plant Services


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llawarra Industrial Instrumentation (III) is a medium sized company providing engineering, sales, installation and maintenance services to mainly the heavy industry markets.

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