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We started in 1986 with the name of Illawarra Industrial Instrumentation.

  • The company started with 2 people who focused on the more technical work which was available between the major control system vendors and the installation contractors.
  • We were subcontracting electrical installation work, and offering small to medium size project solutions.
  • We expanded with more technicians, mostly performing maintenance and small projects.
  • We started offering and implementing PLC and Yokogawa DCS systems in 1991.
  • In 1993 we had an opportunity to start an electrical construction team, and chose to employ our own electricians so we could control our needs and priorities.
  • We included dedicated sales staff within our company.
  • We expanded our engineering capability with PLC and SCADA systems in Mining and Water Treatment.

We continued to offer turnkey projects using our own resources.

In 2004 we marketed our installation section. Up to that time it's only customer was the projects we did. We gained experience in general electrical construction and performed work outside of our own engineering projects.

While the original name reflected the initial market, the company had continually expanded it’s capability and geographical footprint to the point where the name was not representing most of it’s business. In 2015, when mechanical services was included in our portfolio, it was decided to update our name. We chose the name that our customers always called us, Triple i.

We currently have 43 full time permanent staff offering comprehensive capabilities in the automation and control, construction and maintenance fields.

  • Technical Services
  • Electrical Construction
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Sales
  • Operations

We use varied combinations of these teams along with valued relationships with suppliers to deliver our customers needs.

30 Years Strong


About Triple i

llawarra Industrial Instrumentation (III) is a medium sized company providing engineering, sales, installation and maintenance services to mainly the heavy industry markets.

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