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Our dedicated staff provide electrical and instrumentation installation, both for our own engineered solutions, and directly for customer installation packages.

Triple I have a fully resourced workshop and mobile site facilities. This coupled with our Industrial experienced workforce enables us to meet our every customer needs.

With a high level of safety and Supervision Triple I make sure the the work is carried out safely and to the highest standard. Our installation coverage includes low voltage power, electrical, instrumentation, communications, fibre optics, analyser panels and hazardous area applications.


The construction that Triple I is engaged in ranges from new plant installations through to plant upgrades. As a company we have a skilled installation workforce with many years of industrial experience. Our installation projects can range from small instrument installations through to high voltage cable installation. Combined with our other company resources Triple I can offer you a one stop solution for all your electrical needs.


Triple I have vast experience in the installation of Instrumentation and associated equipment. From the specifying, to installation and calibration we are able to do it all. Triple I technicians are skilled in the installation of the instruments, cabling and stainless tube work.

Communications And Fibre Optics

Triple i have full Communications and Fibre Optics ability for the industrial and commercial environment.With full splicing, testing equipment and skilled staff we can offer communications installation or testing as required. This includes mining and the steel industry.

Control Panel manufacture And Installation

Triple I have a fully equipped panel manufacturing facility.Often working closely with our Technical services department from concept through to installation. Triple I can offer a full in house control solution.

Integrated Electrical Construction


About Triple i

llawarra Industrial Instrumentation (III) is a medium sized company providing engineering, sales, installation and maintenance services to mainly the heavy industry markets.

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