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Experience Training

There is a range of training that we perform which is focused on the practical side of gaining experience.

Our Apprentice program falls into this category. Our training plan exposes these staff to a variety of the company's capabilities. 

We have even had apprentices join us from other companies to gain experience in some aspects not covered under their own scopes.  

We target having technical services staff formally trained and through projects and mentoring, gain experience in the application of the solutions.  

On several projects in design, implementation and commissioning phases, we have had customer's staff work with our teams to provide site input, gain familiarity with the system and improve their own ability to support the solution offered. 

Formal Training

Formal training comprises of the delivery of a set training package. Training can be provided at our office or on site. 

  • Hazards area familiarity
  • Instrumentation
  • Custom control system training, specific for a customer site.  Usually these are geared for fault finding and diagnostics. 

Custom training has the advantage of being site/application specific, and can focus on a scope matching the participants work requirements. Attending a generic PLC course is ideal for someone who will support PLC changes, but for fault finding staff need to understand what the lights mean, what their equipment on site does and how it works.

We can deliver this and provide specific documentation for reference material.

Self Training Packages

We are now offering interactive web based training packages. This form of training is very repeatable, provides a greater understanding, includes proof of this understanding and confirms completion. 

These can be stand alone or integrated into a on line solution offering training management. 

Triple i is supporting this form of training on the systems we supply. This training uses a 3D virtual environment to represent the process, but differs from many in that it has an editable sequence of operation. As such end users can setup different scenarios of operations for normal and abnormal. The training can not only show how it works, but also how failure is represented. 

Repeatable Practical Training


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