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Meeting Shutdown Targets are an Essential Part of our Business

We are aware than not all companies perform well relative to carry out preparation and implementation of work requiring live or shutdown changes. 

Again, a 30 year history with our largest customer having short and very limited shutdowns has lead to experience and systems that are specifically aimed at ensuring shutdown targets are met. 

It would appear that the well documented steps of preparation, planning, monitoring and commissioning of system changes in a shutdown should be easily transferable. In fact history shows that two apparently the same approaches, by different companies, can deliver very different outcomes.

We estimate that > 70% of our projects contain limited time/access shutdowns or live changeovers. We have never missed a shutdown target due to our scope.

Triple i's approach for all jobs makes us able to perform well in shutdown work. Key elements include;

  • Make no assumptions. Investigate
  • Plan. Tasks to be based on hours of work. Plan contingencies. 
  • Risk assess outcomes.
  • Test pre-shutdown. All hardware is operational. All normal and abnormal functionality tested 
  • Monitor the schedule, especially critical path changes. Have progress monitoring in simple forms with instant feedback of resource deficiencies and make decisions assuming you cannot catch up. 
  • Empower the people on site in decisions. 

These things are not easy to just make happen. They need to be embedded in the culture of the company and systems used. 

Delivering Shutdown Outcomes


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