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Not Just A Hardware Solution

Most control and automation projects do not achieve their targets. This is not very comforting to know this when you embark on a new project.

Selecting a solution without having the full facts can lead to poor decisions, and we see too many projects that start without the correct preparation. A $10,000 hardware cost vs a $20,000 hardware cost may sound like a good decision, but if it takes longer to engineer or needs custom interfacing, then it's a poor economic decision.

Some projects start with building something, without reviewing what is there, and what is really needed. If it does not do what your need, then it's a very poor decision.

Successful project outcomes depend on a range of factors that overlap operational, personnel and technology elements. All inputs need to be considered in the control solution.

Best Fit Solutions

A best fit solution must consider many aspects, and Triple i's experience and skills coverage support us being able to offer a solution considering total cost and required outcomes.

The facets to be considered for costs include;

  • What equipment is on site now.
  • What knowledge/support is available, both on site and from suppliers.
  • Cost of all alternatives, including all costs to complete.
  • Future plans.
  • Installation and commissioning costs.
  • Maintenance costs.

This is not to say that you will not need to make compromises on the solution, but you will make this based on an understanding of what you are not getting.

Our job includes considering the customers real objectives in a project and highlighting the impact of alternatives so the customer can made an educated decision.

Control Solutions Combining Operational, People And Technology Needs


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