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There is always a need to ensure your operating plant meets the statutory requirements applicable. Customers are also seeking to have work performed to the relevant Australian Standards.

As part of our technical services we have formal accreditation for several compliance validation and verification aspects.

We can provide these as part of projects or on a individual consultancy basis. 

We have experience in the application of Australian Standards relating to the work we do. Key standards we routinely use are

  • AS1755 - Conveyor
  • AS3814 - Gas Fired Appliances
  • AS3000 - Electrical 
  • AS62061 - Safety of Machinary
  • AS61508 - Functional Safety - Electrical, electronic and programmable. 
  • AS61511 - Functional Safety - SIS

Some in house specialist skills are.

  • Hazop/Chazop facilitation
  • Functional safety life cycle consulting and auditing (AS61508, AS61511)
  • Functional safety compliant controls
  • Hazard area compliance and audits (AS3000)
  • Hazard area design and installation.  (AS3000)

AS3000 * Chazop * Functional Safety * Hazardous Area


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