Data Engineer

9th August 2021

Data Engineer


This position offers the applicant an exceptional opportunity to participate in real-time IoT applications for the mining, industrial production, and infrastructure markets.  As a Data Engineer, you will work with customers, suppliers, and our technical staff to identify requirements, select technology and deliver solutions for integrated data applications.

Triple I has provided automation and information solutions to customers in the mining, industrial production, and infrastructure markets for 35 years.  Traditionally we have focused on control systems, offering DCS and PLC/HMI systems.
Since 2016 we have included new technologies in our offering, with industry 4.0 solutions a key focus. The scopes include consultation, hardware selection, web services, augmented reality, virtual visualisation, and report development.  We implement these solutions by applying various software application suites to deliver the functionality required.

The company is expanding and forming a dedicated IoT team to deliver the skills required for these new projects.  We are seeking an innovative, practical, and motivated person to engage with all stakeholders to technically facilitate these solutions.


The core element in our market is the need to combine both real-time and historical data with associated asset data and media to supply information for the personnel engaged in the actual process being monitored. This can be at varying levels within the customer’s organisation, with consolidated data also being presented to integrate into other software and systems.

Our customers will seek to retrieve information from the production network, both in raw form and based on processed data e.g., calculations and analytics.  At the same time, plant floor personnel need to access other systems such as documentation and maintenance information to carry out their work.

The work involves identifying customer requirements, selecting the process and software elements, and delivering the solutions within a distributed team. Providing visualisation of large volumes of data includes the use of Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments, and Augmented Reality. Automated reports and visual dashboards are key features of our solutions.


Key elements and skills are:

  • The person must be available to fulfill a full-time role as a company employee.
  • The person will have proven experience in data acquisition in the process and operational environments.
    A computer science degree combined with an electrical engineering background is an ideal fit.
  • You need to have implemented sourcing data from PLC’s and gateways.
    We work with real-time and historical data, which in our industry can vary from milliseconds to typically 2 seconds old. The volume of data is already large and growing. This places a different emphasis on data gathering, access, and visualisation. The successful applicant must have worked with data from these types of sources before.
  • The role requires a clear understanding of the implementation of process historians including data structures and the application of their calculations and analytics. Experience with products such as OSI PI and iba suites of software would fit these criteria.
  • Significant experience in interfacing to other data storage methods, at a minimum practical and significant experience in the use of databases, both to store and retrieve information.
  • Ideally, exposure to interfacing with corporate software such as Documentum, SAP, or similar systems would be expected.
  • Solid experience in writing well-structured software code. Proficient in Python with C++ is an advantage.
  • Experience in the use of reporting products. Grafana is commonly used for reporting, however, this can vary based on the customers preference.
  • The skills to produce information in a form that is clearly understood are essential.
  • Exposure to Artificial Intelligence and Neural networks is an advantage.

We encourage you to apply even if you may not meet every requirement above. The key aspect that remains mandatory for this position is that the successful applicant understands what is needed to provide the outcome, can design the applications to capture data as required, and present it so that it can be clearly understood.  The actual skills may be dispersed, but the technical delivery of solutions for integrated data applications is to be coordinated by this person.


The company promotes flexibility in hours and WFH is an integral part of the work routine.  The person will however need to be available to regularly attend our Illawarra-based office.  The applicant should assume 60% of the time will be required in the physical office environment or on-site with customers.
Out of area travel will be required for presentations, initial discussions, and commissioning.

The Illawarra provides a picturesque coastal setting with ready access to Sydney, affordable housing, and a valued lifestyle mix.   You can access both the beach and open spaces within minutes.  Low travel times are supported by good road infrastructure and small peak conditions. Wollongong is NSW’s third-largest city and offers well-respected schools and supports its population with good medical, cultural and recreational facilities.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, apply today! To apply or enquire for more information please email